Member Testimonials


Reviews from our Members

Here are some heartfelt words from Canadian Veterans about the benefits of membership in the Veterans Alliance of Canada and the support they get from the organization.

“I’ve been with Veterans Alliance for approximately one year. I’m very pleased with the support that I have received. Veteran Alliance does more than just setting you up with medication. They offer peer support, spousal support and assistance with Veteran paperwork and more. It is a place where you can connect with other people that have many of the same concerns. Thank you, Veterans Alliance.”

~ MCpl Eric Moores (ret.)

“I’ve had problems with my feet, knees and PTSD injuries for 25 years that have been extremely painful to the body and mind. I was up to 10 opioid-based medications and I didn’t want to take them anymore as I was extremely scared about the addiction that I have seen in many friends.

After trying several different cannabis medications, I have finally found what really works for me. Thank you for your help. I’m truly a believer and a huge advocate for medical cannabis and Veterans Alliance.”

~ Wayne Roncin

“I was at rock bottom when a member of the Veterans Alliance convinced me to come and talk to him. I did, and without judgment, they all went above and beyond to ensure an easier path to recovery. I will always be grateful for the hard work and dedication of the organization to step up and help when I thought I was alone.”

~ Anonymous

“For the longest time after release, I felt lost and alone. Then during a work group session at the OSI clinic, I heard about the Veterans Alliance. I dropped in to the office and was met with open arms; I met some of the greatest people and funny thing—we had a lot in common.

Last year I tore my shoulder up, which required surgery. I had a dilemma of putting up Christmas lights on my house and decorating it for the festive season. I was not sure how I was going to be able to do this with one arm. I asked the VAC office manager if anyone would be able to give me a hand. The response I got from the members was outstanding and on a chilly day in November, a number of volunteers showed up at my home and proceeded to decorate my house. I don’t know what I would have done without the volunteers.”

~ Dave McLaughlin, CD