Support for Veterans by Veterans.

After release from the military, many Veterans have problems communicating with friends and loved ones because we have experienced so much that civilians can’t understand.

One of the pitfalls of returning to civilian life is the feeling that we are alone, and that no one understands what we are going through. It can be very isolating, especially for those of us who are living with anxiety, depression, PTSD or a combination thereof.

The Veterans Alliance of Canada holds weekly Peer Support groups for our members at our offices. These informal evening get-togethers allow like-minded individuals to share a meal and talk about anything we wish to discuss. Peer support allows Veterans to speak freely with others who’ve been through similar experiences.

Most importantly, meeting up with other Veterans gives us the camaraderie that we lack in the civilian world. These meetings are sometimes held in other venues to allow everyone a chance to get back out into society and have fun doing things like bowling and axe-throwing, to name a few.

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Support for First Responders

Our first-responder members also have access to our peer support groups. Because first responders (police, firefighters, paramedics and EMTs) are frequently prone to PTSD, anxiety, and depression (as well as physical injuries and conditions), they find these sessions, where they can talk to other first responders as well as Veterans,  greatly beneficial.

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Support for Spouses

Our Spousal Peer Support Group is something we are rather proud of and that has proven quite popular since we launched it.

Because the spouses/partners/significant others of injured Veterans and first responders often feel alone and isolated as well, we offer event nights just for them.

These get-togethers allow spouses to share experiences, cultivate new friendships, and have fun in a smaller group, separate from their partners. We try to plan get-togethers at least once per month, sometimes every two months. All outings are generously covered by Veterans Alliance.

Our spousal events take place at locations decided on by themselves such as Thermëa Spa, DeLuca’s, and others. They are a great way for the spouses/partners/significant others to get to know one another in a group setting.

We are always open to new members joining us! If you have any ideas for activities you would like to do, contact Pam Tomayer at the Veterans Alliance office or Pam Romanchuk, our spousal peer support group co-chair, if you feel comfortable doing so.

Contact us about getting the support you need.

Joint Events: Members & Spouses

Our organization often sponsors activities for members and their spouses. In the past we have done bowling, Celebrations Dinner Theatre, and other social events. Again, we are trying to assist folks into some sense of normality and back into society.